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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Ministry TO and THROUGH the Coach

At FCA, we desire to encourage and equip the coach as they pursue their appointed roles. With multiple resources available, our staff seeks to provide the optimal support for each team and coach. Whether it be the fellowship and accountability gained through Coaches' Huddles, or training tools such as 3D Coaching and Coaches Academy Training, our goal is to complement the coach's process, and help supplement and expand his or her impact.

Best Season Yet: 12 Weeks to Train; One of many resources

There is nothing like a new athletic season, full of promise for both coach and athlete. Goals are set, commitments made. But as the season progresses, it’s all too easy to lose focus in the fray. Best Season Yet: 12 Weeks to Train is a book (with integrated journal) that guides the coach and team to embrace their God-given talents, discover a purpose beyond winning and losing, and spur each other to that place where fear and dreams collide. For a dozen weeks, the entire team will visit themes such as commitment, submission, goal setting, pain and suffering, and pursuing excellence. It offers an opportunity to discuss and journal practical ways to set the principles in motion. The format of five easy-to-read stories is ideal for use in a Monday-through-Friday school setting.

Best Season Yet, Athlete’s Edition, is a resource for the individual or team athlete who desires a new focus, perhaps even a guidebook to the best season yet. Sometimes we need to revisit those principles that are critical to our lives as Christians and athletes.

Best Season Yet, Coach’s Edition, is a resource for the coach who desires to lead his or her team to an exceptional season. Each chapter contains supplemental material that offers the coach additional perspective on the week’s theme, complete instructions (including a supply list, when necessary) for a team activity that illustrates the theme, and suggestions for bringing focus to the wrap-up.

 Here’s what Best Season Yet offers; five stories for each of the twelve weeks of training. That’s sixty stories to challenge and inspire.

Can-do commitments

Surrendering to submission

Motivation meets aspiration

When fear and dreams collide

Yowza. This hurts bad!

Persevering Persistence

Falters and failures

Service with a smile

Go team!

In pursuit of excellence

Tiptoeing the tightwire: Priorities and balance

Finishing fitness: Physical, emotional, spiritual

About the author:

Rebekah Trittipoe is a lifelong athlete, a record-setting ultra-runner and adventurer, and a well-respected coach. She understands the psyche of the athlete and embraces the responsibility of optimizing the coach/team relationship. She draws on life lessons learned as a medical professional, teacher, and coach along with personal experiences on the field, in the gym, and on high mountain trails to convey a well-rounded biblical perspective on sport.


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